Free Tool: Security Awareness Program Vendor Scorecard

This easy-to-use scorecard allows you to compare the merits of security awareness program vendors to find the best training offerings for you.

We know evaluating security awareness training options can be tricky.

With all the options out there, narrowing it down to a handful of the best candidates can seem daunting. But we’re here to help.

Armed with a good understanding of the attributes of a best-of-class awareness training program (see our Best Practices Guide to Comprehensive Employee Awareness Programs for more on what makes a stellar program) all you need now is a tool that will help you identify the training provider whose solutions are best aligned to your specific needs.

To this end, we have created a comprehensive security awareness vendor evaluation spreadsheet that you can use, and even tailor, to help you make the best-informed training decision possible.

We hope you’ll find this useful as you perform a side-by-side comparison of different training solutions. We’ve weighted the various factors according to our recommendations, and provided scoring for our own solutions in the areas of information security and privacy.

For questions on the scorecard or more information on our own awareness program offerings, contact us.

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