If 9 of 10 Employees Knowingly Breach Policy, How Is Privacy Possible?

In the article linked below, Angelique Carson’s opening observation that 93% of employees violate privacy policies will (or should) send a chill down any Privacy Officer’s spine. Fortunately, she also provides some good reminders on simple ways privacy professionals can help their fellow employees boil down the complexities of policy into clear plans which guide daily behavior.
In our work in teaching privacy awareness, we’re turning more and more to reinforcement, in the form of short humorous videos, posters, and to remind people of the simple, actionable steps that turn privacy protections into daily behavior. It’s a matter of management, cultural change, and letting employees understand that they have a stake in privacy compliance.
We continue to believe that training is essential–but that training alone won’t lead to behavior change. With ongoing awareness and reinforcement efforts, changing behaviors is attainable.

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