Tools: Training ROI Calculator

MediaPro offers this ROI Calculator to help your organization calculate net costs and compare theROI between various methods of training.

Free ROI Calculator (new and updated!)

MediaPro offers this ROI Calculator in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, to help your organization calculate net costs and compare the return on investment (ROI) between various methods of training.
Using our Return on Investment calculator you can compare and obtain data for:

  • Training costs by student, class, or year
  • Training costs by life expectancy of the course
  • Training costs for facilities, maintenance, or equipment

Training ROI calculatorAdditionally, the Return on Investment calculator will provide you data for:

  • Percentage of Savings
  • Payback and Breakeven Points
  • Total Return On Investment (ROI) for your training program

If you experience an issue while downloading the ROI Calculator, please disable any pop-up blocking software you may be using.
If you have any questions, please contact us or call: 425-483-4700.

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