Video: Ask the Experts – Annual Employee Awareness Training Is Not Enough

Watch MediaPRO's Tom Pendergast discuss the importance of year-round security and privacy awareness programs in this Ask the Experts video.

Imagine the possibility of being quizzed on something you’ve only been taught once throughout a whole year.

If this sounds difficult, it’s because it is. But with only annual security or privacy awareness training, this is the reality for employees who face a variety of cyber threats on a regular basis. That’s why security and data privacy best practices, like any important lessons, must be kept at the top of employees’ minds with educational content delivered more than once per year.

In this Ask the Experts video, Tom Pendergast, MediaPRO’s Chief Learning Officer, shares his thoughts on the importance of delivering learning content throughout the year to ensure knowledge is retained and risky behaviors are changed. He touches on:

  • The components of a year-round security awareness or privacy awareness training program
  • Simulated phishing as an element of a year-round effort
  • Ways to measure your program’s effectiveness

Watch the video below, and be sure to follow our YouTube channel for more Ask the Experts videos.

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