Video: Don’t Get Taken by Ransomware!

Do your employees know how to avoid getting taken by ransomware? Download our free video to spread the word.

“Ransomware incidents are on the rise” may sound like the plot of the next summer blockbuster, but it’s not. It’s the unfortunate reality faced by organizations every day as they struggle to keep their data secure.
Educate your employees about ransomware and how to thwart these malicious attacks with MediaPro’s ransomware awareness¬†reinforcement animation, available free to download.¬†This animation covers ransomware basics and best practices for keeping cyber criminals from successfully extorting your organization.

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MediaPro’s reinforcement resources can be branded for your organization and deployed at any time as part of your security awareness program. We invented the Adaptive Awareness Framework because we know how adult learning really works.¬†Our mantra: Training + Reinforcement = Behavior Change.
Contact us for details, or to schedule a demo of our award-winning Adaptive Awareness Framework.

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