Video: Keep Passwords Unpredictable

On: July 13, 2016
Remind your employees that a lazy password could give hackers easy access to important company data with our password protection animation.

Passwords have become an everyday fact of life.

From ordering pizza online to banking, nearly every web-based interaction requires a login and creation of a password.

Coming up with creative, unique strings of numbers of letters can be tough. But the consequences of weak passwords, or using the same one too often, can be disastrous.

Remind your employees that a lazy password could give hackers easy access to important company data with MediaPro’s security awareness reinforcement animation Password Protection. They’ll learn the basics of secure password behaviors, like not using obvious dates, places, or even pet names.

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Our motto is Training + Reinforcement = Behavior Change because we know how adult learning really works. For more information about our Adaptive Awareness Framework, please schedule a demo. Interested in branding this reinforcement animation for your organization? Please contact us.

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