Video: MediaPro Best Practices: Making the Business Case for a Robust Awareness Program

Learn from MediaPro Founder and Manager Director Steve Conrad how make the business case for a robust employee awareness program

Is your employee awareness program in need of an upgrade? First thing’s first: you’ll have to make the ROI of such an upgrade clear to your executives.
Our Best Practices with MediaPro video Making the Business Case for a Robust Awareness Program will help you do just that. In this video, MediaPro Founder and Managing Director Steve Conrad taps into his experience as a corporate leader to explore the importance of:

  • Aligning your program with corporate goals
  • Clearing explaining your budget needs
  • Explaining the risks of non-action

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Creating an effective awareness program is anything but easy. That’s we’re created a “Best Practices” series of short videos providing advice on building and maintaining awareness programs in an increasingly demanding corporate climate.
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