Video: MediaPro Best Practices: Use Existing Data and UBA to Improve Your Awareness Program

Join MediaPro Chief Strategist Tom Pendergast as he discusses how data you already collect can be used to improve your awareness program.

You may already be collecting data that could be useful in improving the effectiveness of your awareness program. Whether your program is mature or just starting out, using internal user behavioral analytics (UBA) and metrics to guide your program is a great way to make sure you’re really hitting the mark.
In this video,Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s Chief Strategist, helps identify metrics you may already collect and provides advice on how best to use this data to guide your program.

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Creating an effective awareness program is anything but easy. That’s we’re created a “Best Practices” series of short videos providing advice on building and maintaining awareness programs in an increasingly demanding corporate climate. Check out the first in the series “Assessing the Maturity of Your Awareness Program” here.
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