Video: Money Laundering: Don’t Get Scammed!

Money launderer tactics are not hard to spot if your employees know what to look for. 

Do your employees know what money laundering looks like?
It may sound like something out of a cloak and dagger spy film or a 1930s gangster movie, but it happens more often than you’d think. Money laundering happens when criminals try to get your employees to make their illegally obtained dirty money look clean.
Money launderer tactics are not hard to spot if your employees know what to look for. Give employees a fun reminder about suspicious behaviors to look for with MediaPro’s compliance reinforcement animation, Money Laundering: Don’t Get Scammed!
MediaPro’s reinforcement resources can be branded for your organization and deployed at any time as part of your compliance program. We invented the Adaptive Awareness Framework because we know how adult learning really worksOur mantra: Training + Reinforcement = Behavior Change.
Contact us for details, or to schedule a demo of our award-winning Adaptive Awareness Framework.

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