Video: Protecting Privacy Around the World

Remind employees of the importance of abiding by the data privacy rules of whatever countries you may do business in with our free animation.

The right to privacy isn’t something that can be disregarded.

People around the world expect their personal data, whether handled by a government agency or private company, to be handled with respect and responsibility. Many of these expectations are based on the data privacy rules of the country in which a given person lives.

This means if you’re a global organization, your employees need to remember the importance of respecting the privacy laws of the individual countries you do business with. Remind them of this concept with our free animation, Global Privacy, available to watch below and free to download and share with your employees:

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Make sure your employees know the laws and regulations that affect the global business partners you might have and abide by them as if they were the laws of your own country. By doing so, you’ll help uphold your responsibility to protect privacy rights of your customers around the world.

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