On-Demand Webinar: Beyond Awareness: The Road to Culture Change

In this webinar, Tom Pendergast explores what it takes to build a truly culture-changing training and awareness program and how to get there.

Today, cybersecurity is so important that security and privacy professionals need to adopt big, audacious goals for what they can accomplish in their organizations.

Mere compliance is a joke, and even targeted risk reduction doesn’t go far enough.

It’s time we embrace culture change—with all its messiness and imprecision and wonderful possibilities.

On-Demand Live Webinar

Culture change walks hand-in-hand with reducing organizational risk. The goal of organizational risk reduction brings “awareness” into much better alignment with the other elements and spending in an information security program.

Join MediaPRO Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast as he explores a perhaps utopian vision for a “risk intelligence” machine that runs automatically and precisely identifies those people who expose the company to risk and the gradually reduces their risk through the targeted delivery of behavioral modification techniques.

When: Anytime

This Webinar Discusses:

  • How far training and awareness has come in the last several years
  • The technical and ethical challenges that remain
  • The promise of changing organizational security and privacy culture through a marriage of purpose and action

Watch this webinar live below. Signing up for this webinar means creating a free account through the BrightTALK platform.


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