On-Demand Webinar: Expert Insights into the 2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report

Join MediaPRO's Tom Pendergast and Osterman Research for expert insights into the 2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report.

“Knowledge is power” has stuck around as a popular aphorism for a reason. Put simply, it’s true.

As a training and awareness manager, knowledge of both what your employees know and don’t know is vital for you to do your job. Such knowledge can be used to inform what topics to train on and how a training and awareness initiative should be deployed.

That’s why MediaPRO commissioned the 2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report to gauge the average U.S. employee’s knowledge of common cybersecurity and data privacy best practices.

In partnership with Osterman Research, we surveyed just more than 1,000 employees in the U.S. to find out what they know about phishing, social engineering, malware, privacy regulations, and more.

On-Demand Webinar

Join MediaPRO Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast and Osterman Research President Michael Osterman as they discuss the findings of this original research.

When: Whenever you want

Who: Tom Pendergast, MediaPRO Chief Learning Officer; Michael Osterman, President and Principal Analyst, Osterman Research

Register to learn more about:

  • Awareness of social engineering tactics and password best practices
  • How much employees know about the most significant data privacy regulations
  • What misconceptions exist about information security
  • Actionable insights to build a risk-based training and awareness initiative

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