On-Demand Webinar: What Do Shirtless Men Have To Do with Security Awareness ? Part 2

MediaPRO Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier discusses tactics training and awareness managers can borrow from the world of marketing in this July 21 webinar.

Neuroscientists agree: we make most of our decisions in our subconscious mind.

The question for security training and awareness mangers then is: how do we influence the subconscious mind of our audience? 

In part 1 of this webinar, we covered the brain science and psychology that training and awareness managers can leverage to help people exhibit good security behavior. We looked at how the world of advertising and marketing uses data and our emotions to affect our rational brain as well as our subconscious decision making, including an award-winning advertising campaign (this is where the shirtless men came in). 

On-Demand Webinar

Now in part 2, we’ll go beyond the “why” and look at the “how.” From eye-catching visuals and multimedia approaches, to multi-layered strategies designed to engage and inform, this webinar will dive into the tactics marketers have been using for decades to get more eyeballs on their content.   

MediaPRO Chief Strategist (and recovering marketer) Lisa Plaggemier will outline the marketing tactics you can start using today to help increase engagement and ultimately influence behavior change.   

When: Any time
Where: The BrightTALK platform or on this very page!

Register to learn more about:

  • Targeting content to specific learner personas 
  • Creative use of visuals and repetition to convey your messages 
  • Building out multi-layered campaign (not as scary as it sounds!) 
  • Borrowing metrics from the marketing world to show your successes 

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