MediaPro Announces Nov. 16 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Webinar

Register for our Nov. 16 webinar to dig deeper into the State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report and get access to a free executive summary.

Want to find out more about the results of MediaPro’s inaugural State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report? Want to dig deeper into each of the eight risk areas discussed?
By signing up for our Nov. 16 webinar, you can! Join MediaPro Chief Strategist Tom Pendergast, PhD, from 10 AM to 10:30 AM PT, 1 PM-1:30PM ET, on Nov. 16 for a free webinar discussing key insights from MediaPro’s State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report. Attendees will receive an exclusive executive summary of the report.

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More about the Report 

The 2016 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report revealed employee knowledge trends across eight risk domains, ranging from working remotely to identifying phishing attempts, and assigned three risk profiles indicating employees’ privacy and security awareness IQ.
The three risk profiles are Risk, Novice, and Hero, and are based on the number of proper behaviors correctly identified. The more correct behaviors an employee can identify, the less of a privacy or security risk they represent.
Overall, the survey found that 88% of employees lack the awareness needed to avoid many common cyber incidents.
Follow this link to benchmark your Awareness IQ.

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