Weekly Data Protection & Compliance Links: May 15, 2015

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Did you have a good week? We hope you had a good one, full of security-aware behavior. Below we present some of the best security reads we stumbled upon this week. Consider the links below our gift to you, as something to enjoy and snack on while you put your feet up this weekend.
Let’s dig in!
4 Data Security Mistakes You Can’t Afford – Joe Stanganelli, @JoeStanganelli
We really like this one from Joe Stanganelli at Small Business Computing. In it, he makes an important point—the reason companies like Target and Home Depot remain in business after a breach is because they’re really big companies with really aggressive lawyers. Your small or medium-sized business probably can’t support those bills (nor do you want to). Joe also shared the (now-five-years-old) stat that more than 90% of companies that suffer major data loss go out of business within two years. Take Joe’s advice and make sure you’re avoiding these common data security mistakes so that doesn’t happen to you.
If you missed our earlier post on small business security essentials, you may want to give that a read, as well.
The Plague of Point-of-Sale Breaches Continues – Joe Ross, @DailyDashboard
Target’s 2013 data breach seems to have kick-started a plague of attacks that has yet to slow down—Dairy Queen, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, etc. In 2015, point-of-sale breaches are everywhere, and it feels like cyber-criminals are always one step ahead. So how do we combat it? According to Joe, the number one area to focus on is the education of our employees. Instead of rushing to implement new technologies to combat external threats, focus internally. Organizations that instill a culture committed to safeguarding data and that conduct regular security training will be in a better position to prevent an attack. We couldn’t agree more.
Perceptive Privacy Protectors Push for IoT Privacy Protection – Rebecca Herold, @PrivacyProf
In her article, Rebecca proposes that security and privacy safeguards be built into IoT devices now, and that we not wait for enough bad things to happen to enough people before we start thinking about security. Rebecca’s argument is something everyone at MediaPro can rally behind—seeing risks and being proactive to mitigate them is a lot less expensive than the cost of the security incident that could have been prevented. Can we get an “amen?” Building security- and privacy-aware behaviors in developers as well as regular employees will save you money in the long-term, by helping you avoid costly security breaches. Don’t pay for the cleanup, pay for the protection.
The Best Computer Security Advice You’ll Get – Roger A. Grimes, @RogerAGrimes
There’s a lot of security advice out there. So much that Roger decided to distill it all down for us to create the best advice on the topic you’ll need. Throw out everything else you have, he says. This is the list you want. And we have to say, he did a pretty good job. We’re particularly partial to his first piece of advice. You’ll have to click through to see what we mean.
Crime: Why So Much Is Cyber-Enabled – Matthew J. Schwartz, @euroinfosec
Tired of reading yet? If so, this one’s for you. Cybercrime expert Raj Samani sits down with Matthew J. Schwartz for a 15-minute interview about the evolution of cybercrime. During his sit down, Raj discusses the biggest cyber threats of today, how businesses can improve their cybersecurity best practices, why criminals have embraced cybercrime, and techniques for combatting the rise in online attacks, as well.
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