White Paper: 17 Things Every CFO Should Know About the Human Side of Cybersecurity

17 Things Every CFO Should Know About the Human Side of Cybersecurity makes the case for the importance of people-focused solutions to cybersecurity risk.

In a world of business risk mitigation, cybersecurity can no longer be ignored.

No responsible enterprise would operate without firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other technology, but what about the human side of the equation? Is your organization devoting the finances necessary to safeguard this threat vector?

Download our free white paper 17 Things Every CFO Should Know About the Human Side of Cybersecurity to gain valuable talking points for making the financial case for a cybersecurity awareness training program.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • What percentage of employees are responsible for IT security incidents each year
  • How a data breach can affect an organization in terms of lost customers and lost revenue
  • How security awareness programs can be looked at from a risk modeling perspective

A security awareness program is one of the lowest cost but highest impact investments a company can make. Learn more about our Adaptive Awareness Framework or schedule a demo here.

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