White Paper: To Buy or Build Awareness Training? 4 Things to Consider

Download our free white paper to explore four key factors anyone considering building their own employee awareness program should take into account.

How much is your time worth?

This is a key question we ask you to contemplate in our new white paper To Buy or Build Awareness Training?: 4 Things to Consider. The supposed allures of building your own employee awareness training may seem many. However, a deeper look into the needs of such an effort might make you think twice.

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Our free white paper also discusses:

  • Who will create the training?
  • What will the content be and how will it be updated?
  • How will the training be delivered to employees?

If you’re already overwhelmed from these questions or are currently tasked with building your company’s awareness training, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee and examine four concerns of the buy vs. build argument.

We think our approach to employee awareness will remove the need to worry about in-house expert advice, planning training content and reinforcement content, and designing effective course material.

MediaPRO’s TrainingPacks combine engaging, flexible, out-of-the box courses with reinforcement materials, impact reports, phishing simulations (optional), and great customer support. You can license TrainingPacks separately or bundled, based on what makes the most sense for your organization. And, you can run courses on our learning management system (LMS) or yours. Please contact us with any questions and to learn more.

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