White Paper: Drowning in Phishing

Phishing simulations without a larger cybersecurity awareness program are not all they're cracked up to be. Check out our Drowning in Phishing white paper.

It’s easier to drown in phishing simulation data than to profit from it.

Phishing emails are a fact of life in today’s corporate world. The problem isn’t if phishing is happening, or when – it’s that employees are still falling for the same old phishing tricks.

But what more can we do?

Phishing simulation solutions saturate the market, but  they aren’t enough to change employees’ behaviors. Effective security awareness programs take a comprehensive approach and tactically focus on educating employees on more than just how to identify and avoid phishy emails.

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In our white paper Drowning in Phishing Phishing Simulation ≠ Security Awarenesswe explore how mere simulated phishing attacks may not be all they’re cracked up to be. We also discuss why a comprehensive, multi-topic security awareness approach is the best cure for your cybersecurity-related ails. Download the white paper here, or check it out below:

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