White Paper: How-To Guide for Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Want to learn some tips and tricks for running effectively simulated phishing programs? We've got just the white paper for you.

You probably know how dangerous phishing attempts are to an organization, and see the value in sending fake phishing emails to your employees. 

But how do you know how to get the most out of your simulated phishing campaigns?

We’re not here to offer advice on what simulated phishing vendor to choose (we do just so happen to have a Phishing Simulator of our own, though). Since the process is basically the same no matter what tool you use, we’re offering some tips and tricks that can apply to any phishing initiative you may launch.

In our How-To Guide for Effective Simulated Phishing Campaigns, you’ll learn the benefits of:

  • Getting buy-in from different departments if you’re going to spoof emails from them
  • Mixing up the source of your fake emails
  • Increasing complexity through department-specific campaigns

Download the Guide!

Want to find out the rest of our best practices? Download the guide to learn more and see how simulated phishing fits into a larger security awareness program.

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