White Paper: Microlearning: 4 Signposts to Guide Your Corporate Learning Strategy

Microlearning has quickly established itself as one of the hottest topics in adult learning. But it seems to mean many things to many people.

In a nutshell, microlearning is the practice of delivering small bits of learning content over short periods of time. The theory behind microlearning presumes that learners have relatively short attention spans, and will not effectively absorb training when it’s delivered in big chunks.

Security and privacy awareness training is both becoming more vital to organization’s success and more cumbersome to manage. As training becomes more tedious, more complex, and more time-consuming, it loses its effectiveness. Building a culture of awareness now means knowing not just what training to deploy, but when and how to deliver that message to your workforce.

Enter: Microlearning. Fortunately, we at MediaPro have included microlearning concepts as part of our learning philosophy for years. Tap into this expertise with our free white paper Microlearning: 4 Signposts to Guide Your Corporate Learning Strategy

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As employee awareness training experts, we at MediaPro see a great deal of benefit in the tenets underpinning microlearning. Download the white paper to learn more today! 

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