White Paper: A Roadmap for Planning Your Awareness Program

Starting a journey without a roadmap can be an inconvenience at best, and a disaster at worst. Do you have a planning roadmap for your awareness program?

No journey should begin without a roadmap. When’s the last time you traveled to a new location without first typing the address into your favorite mapping website or app? Setting out without a clear direction can be an inconvenience at best, and a recipe for disaster at worst.

If you’re responsible for establishing sound cybersecurity and privacy practices in your organization’s employees, developing and maintaining an awareness training program for either area is one of the most important journeys you can take. Why? Achieving and maintaining a risk-aware workplace requires a well-mapped awareness program to effect the behavior changes needed to keep your organization safe.

As you know, technological advances have helped tighten and control many security and privacy risks. However, because these technologies have improved so much in recent years, cyber attackers have shifted their focus to the ever-vulnerable human. While you can build a wall of technical protections around systems and information, it is ultimately the actions and behaviors of your people that will determine just how secure your data, and ultimately your bottom line, really are.

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In our white paper A Roadmap for Planning your Awareness Program, we explore four issues you’ll need to tackle for awareness program development or improvement:

  • The current state of your organization when it comes to security and/or privacy awareness
  • What risks you’ll need to address
  • What challenges a new or improved awareness program could face
  • What organization-specific factors you’ll need to fold in to your training

Download the free white paper to learn some planning best practices that we’ve developed over our 20-plus years in the awareness training business.

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