White Paper: Using Data to Inform Your Awareness Program

Explore some tips for wrangling data your organization may already collect to enhance your security or privacy employee awareness program

Today, information security professionals are up to their necks in a deluge of data. On a daily, sometimes hourly basis, these beleaguered souls are awash in event logs and statistics marking the who, what, when, where, and why of the myriad threats to their organization’s vital information.

At MediaPro, we think it’s time to turn the immense power of this data loose on those who are constantly identified as the biggest source of risk: the employees. In our white paper Using Data to Inform Your Awareness Program, we explore three tactics for using data you may already be collecting to make the most of your employee awareness efforts:

  • Finding and reviewing data you may already have
  • Gathering data on employee security and/or privacy intelligence
  • Using information you’ve gathered to develop or support an awareness program

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Download the free white paper to learn how smart data analysis can help you develop and deliver the kinds of content that ensure your employees get the most relevant training and reinforcement experience possible.

This white paper is the second in a series of “Best Practices” white papers intended to help guide the development of awareness programs and cultivate risk-aware cultures at various organizations. Find the first A Roadmap for Planning Your Awareness Program here.

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