Infographic: ABCs of Effective Awareness Programs

It’s never too late to go back to the basics (of your awareness programs!) When it comes to your company’s cybersecurity and/or privacy awareness program(s), it’s worth taking a minute or two, every so often, to revisit the fundamentals of what makes a truly effective program. And because we think you’re out of this world, … Continued

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Infographic: State of Executive Cybersecurity Awareness

With 34% of executives disclosing that they’ve been a victim of a phishing email, there is no shortage of dangerous plots and cyberattacks targeting executives and managers. But with CEOs ranking cybersecurity as their top investment focus over the next three years, there’s hope that executives and managers will step up their game and practice … Continued

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White Paper: How-To Guide for Simulated Phishing Campaigns

You probably know how dangerous phishing attempts are to an organization, and see the value in sending fake phishing emails to your employees.  But how do you know how to get the most out of your simulated phishing campaigns? We’re not here to offer advice on what simulated phishing vendor to choose (we do just so happen to have … Continued

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4 Ways to Use Real Phishing Emails to Educate

We get sent a lot of phishing emails. In fact, we have a whole Outlook inbox filled with them, after my colleagues dutifully report them to our IT team. The more we get, the more I’ve thought, “Damn, someone put some thought into this.” I mean, not a massive amount of thought in some instances. … Continued

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Free Phishing Quiz: What Kind of Phish Are You?

Let’s face it: life is hectic. Especially so for those running cybersecurity and data privacy awareness programs. Staying up to date on the latest cyberthreats and keeping your employees engaged in protecting your organization is undoubtedly a full-time job (even if your job description doesn’t say so). At MediaPRO, we understand the struggle and commend … Continued

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White Paper: Expert Insights on Vendor Selection & GDPR Compliance

Ken Drake, Senior Director of Business Intelligence at Blizzard Entertainment and Adam Hoey, founder of security and privacy innovation firm Potentia Concepts, were tasked with handling GDPR readiness at their respective organizations. Independently, they realized that third-party vendors played a major part in GDPR compliance: vendors who are experts in what’s addressed within the GDPR could have a hand in helping them become … Continued

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