Coronavirus Phishing Awareness Kit

Download a free bundle of resources to help communicate the threat of coronavirus scams to your employees

Get direct access to a .zip file of free resources; no form to fill out.

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Keep Your Employees Informed About Coronavirus Scams

The coronavirus situation is making things tough for everyone. 

Unfortunately, it’s been a boon for scammers looking to make a quick buck through fear and misinformation, often with email phishing attacks.  

We’ve put together a small collection of free resources to help communicate how the bad guys are using the pandemic for their own disgusting gains. You’ll find: 

  • A brief article (perfect for an internal newsletter) explaining common coronavirus scams (PDF and Word document formats) 
  • A sample of seen-in-the-wild coronavirus phishing emails (PDF and Word document formats) 
  • Sample email text you can use to share this information with your employees (Word document format) 

You’re busy enough without having to dig through dozens of free documents and resources to choose what’s appropriate for your people and what’s not. Our goal is to provide simple and useful resources for your awareness initiative 

Stay healthy out there. 


Get Direct Access to Our Coronavirus Phishing Awareness Kit

Get direct access to a .zip file of free resources; no form to fill out.

Download Kit
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