Fraud, Waste and Abuse Compliance Training

Teach Employees How To Spot Suspicious Activity

The goal of this Fraud, Waste and Abuse training course is to provide employees with the knowledge and skills to prevent unlawful activity in the medical industry, as well as recognize and report any suspicious activity that indicates fraud, waste, or abuse.

According to the FBI, healthcare fraud costs the U.S. an estimated $80 billion a year. In an effort to combat these losses, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires organizations involved in providing Medicare-related health care and prescription drug benefits to provide Fraud, Waste and Abuse training on an annual basis.

Download MediaPro's free best practices white paper for five awareness training tips for achieving employee behavior change.Importance of Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training

More and more people are receiving Medicare benefits. With the increase in Medicare claims it’s more important than ever that employees recognize how altering claims, filing excessive charges, or billing for services and supplies that weren’t provided is considered fraud and abuse of the system. Employees must also understand that involvement in these unlawful practices can lead to criminal and civil liability.

MediaPro's fraud, waste and abuse training teaches employees how to recognize these issues, the range of problems they cause, and applicable laws.This Fraud, Waste and Abuse training is intended for all employees who work in healthcare or a related industry – for example, customer service representatives, sales personnel, human resources administrators, agents, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and aides.

Through the FWA training course, employees learn how to spot suspicious fraud, waste, and abuse activity, as well as understand how to prevent unlawful activities, and comprehend the consequences for breaking the law.


Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training Topics:

  • What is Fraud, Waste and Abuse?
  • The Impact of FWA
  • Know the Law
  • Consequences of FWA
  • What To Do If You Suspect FWA

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training Course Features:

  • Highly training content with interactive elements
  • Real-life examples and applications
  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration
  • Deliver training online, via mobile devices, or offline
  • Easily tailored or customized
  • Award-winning design