HIPAA Compliance Training for Covered Entities

Designed Specifically for Covered Entities

Need to update your training for a fresh new approach to HIPAA compliance? This high-quality course provides numerous opportunities for employees to demonstrate their proficiency by interacting with real life, on-the-job scenarios. We cover the most current HIPAA requirements and regulations and fully document your organization’s HIPAA compliance training activities. You can use the optional integrated pledge page to have your employees acknowledge their responsibilities from within the course. The goal of this course is to provide a new and unique training experience that reinforces proper HIPAA compliance behaviors.

Improve Actions and Behaviors

This course can act as a foundational component of your HIPAA compliance program and help your employees understand how HIPAA policies and procedures relate to their individual behaviors. HIPAA compliance is essential for providers and other covered entities in the healthcare industry. It’s vitally important for your organization for everyone to understand and comply with the HIPAA rules in order to avoid potentially costly mistakes. This course explains the importance of HIPAA, outlines the legal requirements related to protecting personal health information (PHI), and specifies best practices for the handling of such information.

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HIPAA Training You Are Proud to Deliver

Our award-winning training reinforces awareness of HIPAA security and privacy policies and procedures through stimulating and creative online training that engages and challenges the learner in compelling ways. Many customers tell us it’s the best online learning experience they have ever seen. Our customers regularly receive unsolicited accolades, from those within their own organization, for the quality of the learning they deliver.

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The HIPAA Covered Entity training is designed according to state-of-the-art adult learning principles for online learning. The course is customizable and uses a stimulating instructional approach that engages the learner and increases retention. Context-relevant examples not only ensure satisfying learning experiences, they help drive real, measurable, and sustainable behavioral change.

HIPAA Compliance for CE Training Topics Include:

  • Overview of HIPAA (includes the ARRA HITECH and Omnibus Final Ruling)
  • Using and Disclosing PHI
  • Securing PHI
  • Enforcement and Breach Notification

HIPAA Compliance for CE Course Features: