Information Security Training

A Solid Information Security Foundation

This Information Security Training course is approximately 30 minutes and provides a basic knowledge foundation of your policies and procedures through a stimulating and creative approach that engages and challenges the learner.

With the rapid increase in threats to our sensitive data and information resources, it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to ensure all employees know how to safeguard sensitive information and computing resources. Employees must be able to follow information security best practices, identify threats, and prevent unauthorized access.

Information Security Training That Changes Behavior

This Infosec course provides training on the various threat vectors that affect your user population. And, of course, these change over time. The Information Security Training course is part of MediaPro’s Adaptive Security Library™, where you can “mix and match” content topics as needed to meet your needs now and in the future. The course contains an integrated assessment to track learner comprehension and understanding of key data protection concepts.

MediaPro's Information security training provides interactive training on the various threat vectors that affect your user population.

Relevant and Engaging InfoSec Content

Real-life examples and interactive elements provide relevance for learners from different departments and levels within the organization. The goal is to create informed employees who can identify security threats, understand the risks, and make better data protection decisions that ultimately reduce risks and make you a safer organization.

Common Information Security Training Topics:

  • Identifying Common Information Security Threats
  • Understanding Your Security Responsibilities
  • Using Best Practices in Physical Security
  • Practicing Safe Computing (Malware, Passwords, etc.)
  • Common Social Engineering Tactics
  • Phishing Detection and Awareness

Information Security Course Features:

  • Infosec content targeted for each role
  • Easy to update security content as needed from our adaptive security and privacy libraries
  • Highly engaging and interactive training content
  • Full of Real-life examples and applications
  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration
  • Easily tailored or customized
  • Award-winning design