Privacy for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Privacy Awareness Training

This privacy awareness training course is specifically designed for nonprofit organizations and will help ensure that all your employees, volunteers, and other associates know and follow best practices for handling personal information (PII). The course will equip them to identify privacy threats, understand privacy risk factors, and help them make better data protection decisions. The goal is to help strengthen your organization’s privacy protection practices. This will strengthen donor trust and foster loyalty—goals that are crucial to achieving your development objectives and protecting your reputation.

Gain Trust, Loyalty, and Legal Compliance

As a nonprofit, your organization collects and handles sensitive information that is of tremendous value to cyber criminals. Donors, employees, and government regulators have become increasingly anxious about how personal information will be stored and used due to the rapid increase in online activity and information accessibility.

The privacy and security of protected information, particularly that of your donors, partners, and beneficiaries, relies not only on good IT controls, but equally upon the competence of your employees and volunteers. Trust, loyalty, and legal compliance all depend on your organization’s commitment to ensuring that employees and volunteers know and follow best practices for handling personal information.

MediaPro's Nonprofit Privacy Awareness Training builds knowledge of privacy policies and behaviors by using a stimulating and creative approach.

Build Awareness and Change Behavior

Our Nonprofit Privacy Awareness Training course builds awareness of vital privacy policies, procedures, and behaviors by using a stimulating and creative learning approach to content delivery. Realistic examples are presented that add relevance and increase learner comprehension. The goal is to create informed employees who make better data protection and privacy-related decisions..

Nonprofits Privacy Awareness Training Topics:

  • Defining Privacy Information (PII) that Needs to be Protected
  • Employees’ Privacy Responsibilities
  • Best Practices for Protecting Private Information
  • Privacy Incident Reporting Procedures

Nonprofits Privacy Awareness Course Features: