Records Management Training

Properly Identify and Classify Business Records

Business records are the life blood and the collective memory of your organization. That’s why it’s so important to manage records from their creation through their disposal. Our Records Management training course supports and reinforces your document management policy. This enables you to maintain consistent and efficient operations, document actions and decisions, and comply with federal laws and regulations.

This course teaches your employees how to identify and classify business records in order to effectively protect, manage, store, and dispose of them. By following the best practices identified in this training, your employees will know when to dispose of information and how to keep your current information timely, accurate, and usable.

MediaPro's records management training teaches employees to identify and classify records, know their responsibilities, and learn best practices.

Proven Records Management Training Approach

This course uses a stimulating and creative approach that engages and challenges the learner. Realistic situations, knowledge checks, case studies, and examples are presented that add relevance and increase learner comprehension and retention. The records management training content is assembled from MediaPro’s Adaptive SecurityAdaptive Privacy, and Adaptive Compliance Libraries which allow you to “mix and match” content to create perfect course. With our flexible training delivery architecture, you can dynamically filter content and deliver the right message to the right people.

Records Management Training Topics Include:

  • Overview of Records Management
  • Types of Business Records
  • Classifications of Business Records
  • Records Lifecycle
  • Employee Roles and Responsibilities

Records Management Course Features: