Security Awareness Training

Build Awareness and Change Behavior

This Security Awareness Training course builds awareness of vital security policies, procedures, and behaviors by using a stimulating and creative learning approach to content delivery. Realistic examples are presented that add relevance and increase learner comprehension. The goal is to create informed employees who make better data protection decisions and lower your risk..

Deliver Results

You need to protect your organization’s most vulnerable security endpoint—your people—with award-winning security awareness training that will deliver the results you need to help create a security-aware culture. This course can act as the foundation of your security awareness program and help your employees understand how good data protection practices relate to their individual actions and behaviors.

Learn how to make the case for a robust security awareness program with our free white paper. More Than “Check the Box” Compliance

If you are seeking to bring about meaningful improvements in security-aware behaviors in your organization, you’ll need to go above and beyond mere compliance. You’ll want a security awareness training and reinforcement program targeted at bringing about real behavior change.

A culture of security begins with informed employees who can identify security threats, understand the security risks, and make better data protection decisions that ultimately reduce risks for your organization.

MediaPro's Security Awareness training course builds awareness of vital security policies, procedures, and behaviors with an interactive and adaptive approach to learning

Awareness Training You Are Proud to Deliver

Our award-winning training courses build awareness of security policies and procedures through stimulating and creative online training that engages and challenges the learner in compelling ways. Many customers tell us it’s the best online learning experience they have ever seen. Our customers regularly receive unsolicited accolades, from those within their own organization, for the quality of the learning they deliver. The awareness training content is part of MediaPro’s Adaptive Security Library™, where you can “mix and match” content and assemble the security or privacy awareness topics you need to deliver the right message.

Common Security Awareness Training Topics:

  • Understanding Security Threats
  • Social Engineering Threats
  • Identifying and Detecting Malware
  • Best-Practice Password Guidelines
  • Phishing Detection and Awareness
  • Data Classification
  • Data Storage and Retention Guidelines
  • Cloud Computing and Storage
  • Physical Security
  • Mobile Device Protection & Smartphone Security
  • Social Media Threats

Security Awareness Course Features:

  • Content can be targeted to different roles
  • Easy to update content as needed from our adaptive security and privacy libraries
  • Highly engaging and interactive content
  • Full of Real-life examples and applications
  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration
  • Easily tailored or customized
  • Award-winning design