Responsible Use of Social Media for Healthcare

Responsible Use of Social Media for Healthcare

Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great places to post opinions and to digitally network with colleagues and patients. But one inappropriate post containing Protected Health Information (PHI) could bring a range of legal liabilities and unforeseen consequences for healthcare providers, business associates, and employees. An organization’s success relies on all employees understanding these risks and acting with integrity and responsibility when using social media.

HIPAA and Social Media Risk

Lowering your social media risk starts with all employees understanding your policies and their responsibilities regarding social media usage. They also need to understand that HIPAA violations can come from the improper use of social media. This training course defines the business risks of using social networking sites and provides guidance to help employees use social media responsibly. The training course uses real-life healthcare scenarios, knowledge checks, healthcare case studies, and examples to add relevance and increase employee comprehension and retention.

Responsible Use of Social Media for Healthcare Training Topics:

  • Recognizing the Risks and Consequences of Using Social Media
  • Identifying the Negative Impact of Improper Use of Social Media
  • Defining Best Practices for Using Social Media in Healthcare Settings
  • Identify Potential HIPAA Impacts from Social Media

Responsible Use of Social Media for Healthcare Course Features: