Courseware Customization & Personalization

MediaPro’s award-winning courseware and reinforcement materials have been vetted and deployed to hundreds of the world’s most risk-aware companies. Each company is unique and customization requirements vary greatly by company.

Our adaptive security awareness, privacy awareness, and compliance training libraries allow you to assemble the exact content you need and brand the courseware with your logo and colors. All that said, there may still be specific content that you want to change or customize to deliver the precise message you want your learners to receive. Let’s talk about these two processes in more detail.

Courseware Personalization

Courseware customization can be as simple as adding your logo and company colors to training content. If speed and simplicity is what you’re after, we’ve got you covered. For many MediaPro clients, it’s simply a matter of branding their course with their logo and colors, and adding links to key company policies and contacts. After that, they are ready to deliver best-in-class training to their employees. This proven process can be accomplished in a matter of a few days. In fact, for one recent customer, we actually assembled, branded, and launched a course in less than three hours.

Personalization also includes a “Resources” page that can be accessed from anywhere within the course. You can use the Resources page to provide employees with a list of company contacts and direct access to policies and documents related to course content.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed with this option. Courseware personalization is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to meet your specific training compliance requirements. Request a demo, and in 15 minutes we will build a course for you right before your eyes.

Courseware Customization

A completely custom courseware solution can also be developed to fit your exact needs and budget. You may be like many clients who want courseware content or images to reflect their organization and its culture. This is a straight-forward process and we have made it the simplest in the industry. You have the ability to change onscreen text, audio, graphics, and course functionality. You can add, change, and delete content from any page and add entirely new content pages as needed.

Whatever the changes, we will work directly with you to ensure your courseware is of the highest quality and achieves business results. Every course we deliver is built around sound adult learning principles that grow knowledge, change behaviors, and help you build a risk-aware culture.


Custom Courseware DevelopmentA custom courseware solution may be the best training alternative if you have very unique or specific needs.

A custom courseware solution may be the best training alternative if you have very unique or specific needs. In today’s competitive marketplace, training that actually works and achieves your business goals is vital to the success of your organization. When a custom training solution is required, MediaPro has the experience and proven track record to successfully complete most any learning project.

Learning is our heritage and we have completed over 1,000 custom courseware projects (yes, that number is correct), with over 12,000,000 successful course completions. We use a time-tested approach to custom courseware development that yields award-winning solutions that are delivered on-time and on-budget. We are quality-focused and never lose sight of your business objectives. MediaPro can help you successfully plan, design, build, and deploy the right training and reinforcement solutions for the business and performance goals at hand.

MediaPro is an ideal partner for a custom training project. With our industry leadership in off-the-shelf Security Awareness, Privacy Awareness, and Corporate Compliance training products, we bring together just the right pieces to keep you and your staff in compliance and help them be smart, safe, and secure.