Custom Learning Services

A custom courseware solution may be the best training alternative if you have unique or specific training needs. In today’s competitive marketplace, training that actually works and achieves your business goals is vital to the success of your organization. And while there are very good off-the-shelf courses for many topics, there is always unique content, or unique performance gaps, that are better filled with a custom training solution. MediaPro has the experience and proven track record to successfully complete most any learning project.

Engaging eLearning Content Delivered On-Time & On-Budget

We have completed over 1,000 custom eLearning projects (yes, that number is correct), with over 12,000,000 successful course completions. We use a time-tested approach to custom courseware development that yields award-winning solutions that are delivered on-time and on-budget. We are quality-focused and never lose sight of your business objectives. MediaPro can help you successfully plan, design, build, and deploy the right training and reinforcement solutions for the business and performance goals at hand.

Areas of Custom Courseware Expertise:

Corporate Compliance Training (more …)
MediaPro delivers Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) training to organizations in the most highly regulated industries. We build corporate compliance training with a primary focus on user behavior, and in growing a culture of compliance.  After all, proper compliance training is not about reciting rules and policy, it’s about creating habits that are “second nature,” so that people’s internalized knowledge adheres to rules and policy. We help change user behavior with focused, effective training and reinforcement.

While it’s important to make training effective for the learner, it must also meet organizational needs.  Most organizations mandate compliance training to meet legal requirements and pass audits on key compliance topics.  MediaPro develops courseware to support audit reporting, training requirements, and even prescriptive navigation and completion mandates.  You have complete freedom and control over the course content and you can deliver different topics to different audiences (roles) across the enterprise using our Adaptive Architecture (which is SCORM and AICC compliant).

MediaPro is an ideal partner for a corporate compliance training project.  Many companies leverage our Adaptive Library content in Compliance Training, Privacy Awareness, and Security Awareness to “jumpstart” their custom course development efforts and save both time and money.  We bring together just the right pieces to keep you and your staff compliant… and not complacent. The result is a tailored learning experience delivered to each unique group within the company.

Application and Systems Training (more …)
Successful implementation of new technology applications requires comprehensive training. Whether your application is new, you’ve upgraded to a newer version, or you’re rolling it out to a new audience, your workforce must be properly trained in order for them to be effective. Proper systems training leads to higher adoption rates, increased productivity, and greater ROI.

“Out-of-the-box” application training often misses the mark and does not address your unique business processes. MediaPro understands that every client has specific and specialized needs within applications. We take the time to identify your unique business needs, and develop computer system training solutions that ease the transition to your custom application. Our expertise ranges across industry and technology.

Training for custom applications:

  • Business Applications such as: ERP, CRM, CMS, KMS, and IT/IS;
  • Healthcare Applications such as: EHR, EMR, HISS; and
  • Financial and Retail Applications.

Sales Readiness Training (more …)
Nearly 90% of sales training fails to achieve the expected results. Why? Because participants revert back to their old and inefficient habits within a month of a typical training session. And one thing is clear: unproductive and inefficient sales teams can cost your organization a lot of money.

MediaPro can help you maximize the ROI of your sales training efforts by:

  • Delivering company-specific sales process training;
  • Enhancing your existing training to address specific problem areas;
  • Providing tools to help you reinforce “best practice” behaviors;
  • Extending your sales training with company-specific content;
  • Supplying competitive and industry knowledge reinforcement.

Our custom training and reinforcement products maximize your investment in sales training and improve your sales success. We take the time to understand your best practices and what it takes to be a great sales person in your organization, and then we build learning solutions that focus your employees’ attention on improved performance.

Designed for Results:
MediaPro delivers custom sales training, reinforcement, and readiness solutions which produce results. We take the time to identify your business needs, put a plan in place to address the challenges, and design and develop a solution to solve your problems. We apply our proven processes to build high-quality learning and reinforcement experiences that are sure to meet your objectives.


ELearning Courseware Expertise:

Learning and performance improvement is all we do.  We are not a “jack-of-all-trades” services company.  We specialize in corporate learning and readiness, and we are very good at it.  We are staffed with instructional designers, content writers, courseware developers, and project managers specifically skilled to ensure that the courses we build together meet your goals and training needs.  Over 98% of our clients come back to us for two or more projects.

Engaging Designs:

Training that doesn’t work is a waste of time and money. Training that doesn’t work is a bad reflection on you and your department.  That’s why we come up with engaging designs that will not only fit your budget, but appeal to adult learners.  Our design skills include: engaging content, games, animations, illustrations, videos, role-based scenarios, and other interactive elements. We also make sure the work effort fits your culture.  Let us show you examples of award-winning work that gets results.

Sticky eLearning:

Sticky. That’s what the experts call learning that’s retained.  It means your training goals are being met (or exceeded).  And that’s one of the reasons why our clients keep coming back.  We’re not just creative for the sake of making something “cool”. We find effective ways to combine cutting edge technology and design approaches with sound adult learning principles to produce courses that really work.  We’re recognized as a thought leader in the learning industry, and have the hundreds of awards to prove it.

Multi-Device Delivery:

It’s no longer a one device world. Today’s eLearning needs to work seamlessly cross-platform and on multiple devices. But not every device is right for every type of training. That’s why our developers work to build the right training for the primary delivery device in use.  From PCs to Android tablets, iPads to the latest 2-in-1 Phablets, we’ve got it covered.  Let us show you some examples of multi-device training delivery that most people just dream of delivering.