Want to Know the Cybersecurity IQ of Your Employees?​

How well do your employees know the basics of cybersecurity and data privacy?

Not to worry, start by benchmarking your employees’ cybersecurity awareness IQ against that of the national average and turn your greatest risk into your greatest asset with this free tool.

Employees are an often-missed aspect of risk, despite data showing that 70% of U.S. employees struggle with data protection basics. To truly decrease risk, you must increase your employees’ cybersecurity IQ.

Use the Free Employee Risk Assessment to test the cybersecurity IQ of your organization and see how they stack up to the average U.S. employee.


Get your Free Employee Risk Assessment

  • Assess knowledge and risky behavior
  • Determine your overall organizational risk score
  • Get your report with actionable insights to close knowledge gaps
  • Download and run, it’s that easy
Five Training Tactics for Changing Risky Behavior

You can’t cut corners when it comes to protecting information. The same goes for the training your employees receive in keeping company data and sensitive information secure. Learn best practices for creating truly effective training for your biggest risk - your employees.

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