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Equipping Your Employees to Work Securely from Home

From cats on the keyboard and wrangling children to transferring data securely over home networks and managing confidential information, working off-site brings its own set of challenges to those tasked with an organization’s cyber-wellbeing.

Perhaps more so than in a traditional office setting, working off-site places security responsibilities on your employees. Add to that the increase in attacks since the coronavirus pandemic, and security training and awareness is more important than ever.

We can’t sugarcoat it: This situation sucks. That’s why we wanted to make things a little easier by sharing some cybersecurity education for free.

So we’ve put together a free kit of resources to allow you to run a multi-week training and awareness mini-campaign about working off-site securely.

What You Get

You’ll find the following resources in the toolkit:

  • A mobile-friendly, interactive web-based course with a mini-quiz and scenario-based activities (See the course yourself below)
  • One animated video covering social engineering attacks related to the coronavirus
  • An infographic visualizing home office threats and how to avoid them
  • Three poster-style graphics touching on Wi-Fi router security and incident reporting
  • A brief newsletter-style article on keeping a cybersecurity mindset while working from home
  • Sample emails for sharing these resources with your company and a how-to guide with advice on running the campaign

Following our suggested communications plan, you can use this content to run a training and awareness campaign focused on working off-site quickly and easily.

Free Course
Off-Site Security

This interactive web-based course explains the risks of working remotely, offers actionable tips, and gives learners the opportunity to self-test and receive immediate feedback with two brief quizzes.

Access Just the Course

We think the course works best with the supporting resources of the kit, but you can share just the course for free.

No gimmicks. No games. Here’s the link to see just the course in its own browser tab: 


We’re all in this together.  Stay healthy out there.  

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