A Global Awareness Solution

MediaPro’s localized awareness training solutions, including our reinforcement tools, are available in many languages. The risks you face easily cross borders and you may need the ability to deliver different content and/or communicate to different audiences in their own languages. The awareness solutions you deploy should provide this capability.
MediaPro's localized awareness training content is available in many languages, including Spanish.

Our adaptive courseware architecture provides the ability to dynamically assign, or have the user choose, the language in which they wish to receive the training content. Additionally, our reinforcement, assessment, and phishing tools also come in a variety of localized languages.  With our awareness localization process, you can offer every employee or affiliate the same high-quality learning experience right in their native tongue. MediaPro can help you extend your commitment to provide exceptional training by getting the right content, in the right language, to the right people every time.

Localized Awareness Training = More Than Translation

MediaPro’s awareness localization services begin with high-quality translation produced in accordance with ISO 17100 certification standards. But localization is more than translation. It also involves respecting and reflecting the cultural and linguistic nuances of the countries where the training, and other materials, are deployed.  This may include adjusting images or shifting phrasing to match the local dialect (or even the usage within a company).

MediaPro's localized awareness training content is available in many languages, including French. We pay great attention to the geopolitical sensitivity of our content, so that employees are not distracted from their learning by phrases and examples that may work well in one language or culture—but fall flat in another.

We Speak Your Language

Building training for a diverse global audience requires care and a keen understanding of the localization process. MediaPro designs our award-winning courseware and product lines localization-ready, so if the need for multi-language versions arises, we can produce them quickly, affordably, and accurately.
All of the content MediaPro provides—training, posters, games, animations, and other similar materials—can be reproduced in the language (or dialect) of your choice.

To date, we have successfully produced hundreds of courses in more than 30+ languages. We would be pleased to show you examples of content in the language(s) you seek.