Malware is Everywhere

Have you seen Malware Bug? Malware can be found pretty much everywhere, which makes the security awareness of your employees all the more important.It should come as no surprise that malware is also all over the Internet. It sits on unsecured websites, email attachments, or browser add-ons. It can also be found on USB drives or in PDF files.

You open the wrong file or visit the wrong site, and in an instant, it’s on your computer. Once there, it can replicate itself and spread to other computers. Most often, malware captures personal data—like credit card numbers or passwords—or corporate secrets, and sends it back to the bad guys who created it.

As major news headlines continue to make clear, strictly technical safeguards are often not enough to protect an organization’s sensitive data and systems from the clutches of malware.

That’s where the awareness of your employees comes in. Though your employees represent the easiest way for cybercriminals to get malware into your network, we try to see human-based cyber risks as a curse and a blessing. A curse, sure, because time and again we see how one errant click or mis-sent email can have disastrous consequences.

But a blessing? Yes! Because humans are part of the problem, they must also be part of the solution. All you’ve got to do is start building a comprehensive, risk-based security awareness program to develop cybersecurity resilience in your organization.


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