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Business must overcome privacy challenge for facial recognition to thrive - SC Magazine

In this SC Magazine article, Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast advises caution for companies implementing facial recognition technology and suspects many often do not think about all that could possibly go wrong with such data collection.

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Almost Half of Businesses Hit By COVID-Related “Business Impacting Cyber-Attack” in 2020

With increases in cyberattacks taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast tells Infosecurity Magazine the targets, humans, have not changed and are more vulnerable now than ever.

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Phone spear phishing allowed hackers to gain Twitter employee credentials - Security Magazine

Spearphishing attacks, like the one that allowed hackers to compromise 130 high-profile Twitter accounts, rely in-part on publicly available personal information. Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier tells Security Magazine this should be a reminder to us all to stay vigilant.

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Twitter hackers were caught after sending bitcoin to verified Coinbase accounts - SiliconANGLE

Phone scams, or “vishing,” continue to evolve right alongside email phishing scams, as evidenced by the phone-based social engineering scammers used to compromise high-profile Twitter accounts, Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier tells SiliconANGLE.

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Twitter's Cyber Attack and Takeover: It Was Spear Phishing - SecureWorld

The Twitter hack that comprised 130 high-profile accounts illustrates the importance of keeping aware of how much information about yourself is out there, as such details can be used for spearphishing attacks, Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier tells SecureWorld.

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North Korean hackers target defense and aerospace industry in ‘Operation North Star' - SiliconANGLE

Users at defense and aerospace companies must be especially skeptical of any email contact and have to take steps to verify the legitimacy of contacts in the wake of concerted North Korean attempts to access defense contractor information, Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast tells SiliconANGLE.

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Back to WFH: Lessons Learned to Improve Security - Security Boulevard

Working remotely can provide opportunities for one-on-one engagement and promotion of security training and awareness initiatives, Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast tells Security Boulevard.

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Keys for a Safe Return to the Post-Quarantine Office - Dark Reading

For safe and secure return-to-work scenarios, employers will have to put data collection controls in place for any health-related data they collect from employees; and be ready to answer employee questions about them, says Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast in this Dark Reading article.

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MGM Data Breach 14x Higher than Initially Thought - Hospitality Technology

Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast discusses why notifying potential victims of a data breach is as important as revealing how many were impacted and when in this Hospitality Technology piece about a large MGM data breach earlier this year.

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Remote Work Is a Security Nightmare. How Do We Fix It? - Dice Insights

IT Help Desk staff can do their part for security awareness by offering tips for securely working from home while dealing with employee technical issues, says Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier in this article from Dice Insights.

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What Will Cybersecurity's 'New Normal' Look Like? - Dark Reading

Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier predicts security will become even more of a selling point for hardware and software in the post-coronavirus “new normal” in this article from Dark Reading.

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Rethinking Cybersecurity in a Post-Pandemic World - Dice Insights

IT staff should look for “teachable moments” as they work with employees to ensure they’re securely working from home, says Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier in this article from Dice Insights.

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Two Years In, IT Thought Leaders Judge GDPR's Impact - eWeek

Check out a roundup of thoughts on the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) two years in from a sampling of security and privacy professionals, including Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier.

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COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Spotlight Privacy, Security Rights - Health IT Security

Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast shares some privacy concerns about the potential emergence of contact tracing apps as the world seeks a post-coronavirus “normal” in this Health IT Security piece.

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Convenience Motivates Us, Not Security or Privacy: Lisa Plaggemier, MediaPRO - TechNadu

Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier discusses the privacy and security risks around us and how to educate on these issues in this Q&A interview with TechNadu.

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Contact-Tracing Apps: Privacy Group Raises Concerns - Gov Info Security

Is contact-tracing technology part of the post-coronavirus return to “normal?” Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast comments in this Gov Info Security article.

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Interview With Tom Pendergast, Chief Learning Officer at MediaPRO - AiThority

Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast talks data privacy, living in the digital area, and keeping people informed in this Q&A with AIThority Magazine.

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A Remote Workforce Makes Security Training More Critical - Security Boulevard

Learn some tips for how best to send coronavirus-themed simulated phishing emails to educate employees from Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier in this Security Boulevard article.

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Interview: Lisa Plaggemier, Chief Strategist, MediaPRO - InfoSecurity Magazine

InfoSecurity Magazine featured this interview with Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier on what makes good cybersecurity training and how to run an effective security awareness program.

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IT pros air their opinions on phishing employees - IT Pro

In this IT Pro article, Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier shares advice and caution when it comes to using real-world topics to send simulated phishing emails to employees as part of training and awareness.

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The Demand for Soft Skills - Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast

Hear about the importance of “soft skills,” such as creative problem-solving and communication, in modern security teams from Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier in this Verodin Cybersecurity Effectivness podcast episode.

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15 Coronavirus Online Scams to Watch Out For - The Street

Check out some advice on how to spot coronavirus phishing scams and what steps you can take to avoid them from Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier in this piece from The Street.

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Scams, Fraud and Misinformation: How Cybercriminals are Taking Advantage of Coronavirus - Security Magazine

Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast comments on the need to practice strong critical thinking skills in the age of coronavirus scams.

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The other virus threat: Surge in COVID-themed cyberattacks - Yahoo News

Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast weighs in on the the cyber risks working from home brings.

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CyberWire Daily Podcast -

Learn some key results from our 2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report from Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast on the CyberWire Daily Podcast with host Dave Bittner.

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Cruise Operator Carnival Corporation Discloses Cyber Attack - Security Magazine

MediaPRO Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier talks about the importance of phishing awareness related to a cyber attack on a large cruise line.

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Secrets from cybersecurity pros: How to create a successful employee training program - ZDNet

Learn some quick tips for security awareness training programs from MediaPRO Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier and other experts in this ZD Net article.

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Cybercriminals Using Coronavirus to Carry Out Phishing Attacks - Security Magazine

Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier offers insight into coronavirus phishing attacks and how to protect yourself against them.

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CCPA Draft Regulations v2.0 and the Uncertainties Continue - JD Supra

JD Supra cited our 2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report in this article about changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act.

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Employees aware of privacy risks, but unsure of how they affect the workplace - HelpNet Security

HelpNet Security featured the findings of our 2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report.

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Data breaches, privacy concerns and government pressure turn up the heat for cybersecurity experts - SiliconANGLE

Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast was quoted in this piece on Data Privacy Day 2020 on the importance of private data in our modern culture.

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Home Safe: 20 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Remote Workers - Dark Reading

Check out some advice for staying cybersecure while working from home from Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast in this Dark Reading piece.

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