Enable employees to identify and respond as part of your active defense against phishing attacks​


High performing organizations understand that to minimize risk and defend against cyberthreats like phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering employees must be enabled as part of the solution. With MediaPRO Phishing Simulator employees are better prepared to ultimately strengthen defenses, minimize response times and stop threats in their tracks.​

Empower employees to identify and stop phishing attacks in their tracks​

Technology alone can’t keep pace with phishing attacks and business e-mail compromise. You need to enable employees to quickly recognize and respond to stop threats in their tracks and serve as your first-line of defense.​

Phishing Simulator Features:

Risk-based Campaigns​

Test the susceptibility of employees to phishing attacks and automatically enroll them into training so you don't have to.

Department/Group Level Metrics and Indexing​

Customize phishing campaigns, training and reporting for each unique employee or group based on behavior and user attributes and compare results over time.

Reporting Dashboard​

Employ analytics and reporting that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of your program.​

Active Phishing Incident Response​

Enable employees to report attacks in progress to significantly decrease incident response times to developing threats.​

Simulated Threat Tactics and Techniques​

Simulate real-world-phishing attacks with the latest tactics and techniques and most critical phishing simulations such as ransomware, social engineering attacks, spear phishing, business e-mail compromise (BEC), USB and more. ​
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A How-To Guide for Effective Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Learn what it takes to run effective phishing campaigns – before, during, and after – to make the case for a phishing component in every security awareness initiative where real employee behavior change matters.

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Measure Human Risk and Susceptibility​


Target any employee, or group of employees, with a simulated phishing campaign. Individual target groups can be organized however you like: by department, job title, or even at random. You’re in complete control of who, when, and where you phish.​

Because we offer a phishing solution that is integrated with our learning management system (LMS), targeted employees that take the bait can be automatically enrolled in appropriate training courses, in a real LMS.


Create and Deliver Real Results with Set-and-go Phishing Templates


Get a phishing email that almost tricked you? Recreate it in our phishing tool to test your employees using our intuitive SaaS-based template design interface.​

Add your own text, links, pictures, and custom “from” addresses, all within a simple editor. Add variables to the body of the email that auto-populate with name, email address and more. Create hyper-targeted spear phishing emails targeting specific employees or choose from a library of hundreds of pre-built templates based on common types of real phishing attacks in over 20 languages.​

Pick or design the exact landing page an employee will see if they take the bait and directly link them to training and reinforcement activities within an LMS ensuring your training data resides all in one place for fast and easy reporting.


Launch Campaigns and Training to Those Who Need it the Most​


With your targets selected and uploaded into the tool (all you need is an email address), it’s time to build your campaign. Give the campaign a name and description, schedule start and stop dates, select your email message and landing page templates, and then choose your target group(s). It’s that fast and easy.​

Once it’s in place, campaign execution is automatic and you can instantly see the results on the phishing dashboard. You can start and stop campaigns at any time.

Screenshot of the MediaPRO Find-a-Phish plugin displayed in Outlook email client.

Turn Employees into Phish Fighters


Empower your employees to adopt a security-conscious attitude that helps protect your business with the built-in Find-a-Phish plugin. This feature, when integrated into your company’s email client, allows your employees to report and automatically forward suspicious emails to security personnel directly from your email client via a simple button. This provides you an early warning of phishing attacks and other malicious emails that could compromise your security or network and allows your IT staff to analyze these emails for threats.

The plugin syncs with the Phishing Simulator and tracks how often your employees report the simulated phishing campaigns you send. Reported campaign emails are displayed via the Phishing Dashboard to gauge reporting success over time. Platforms supported are:

  • Office 365
  • Exchange 2016
  • Exchange 2013

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