Insider Threat Training

Safeguarding Your Organization from Malicious Insiders

Malicious employees can pose a much greater risk than those from outside the organization due to one simple fact: Insider threats already have access to customer data, financial information, and trade secrets.

The potential damages caused by an insider threat may be as straightforward and measurable as embezzlement or as difficult to quantify as brand damage and loss of customer confidence. In today’s fast-paced economy, any one of these impacts could prove the death knell for an affected company.

Depending on the type of insider threat and actions, the costs can easily soar into the millions of dollars, with greater costs associated with poorly trained associates, lack of prompt response, and an overall misunderstanding or under-appreciation of the threat.

What pushes an employee to become an insider threat? The motives are varied, but generally fall into a handful of categories:

  • Financial motivations
  • Anger or frustration with job or coworkers
  • Problems with supervisors
  • Corporate espionage

Insider Threat Awareness Training

The high stakes surrounding insider threats mean your employees need to know the signs when they suspect them, and what to do in response. MediaPRO’s Insider Threat Awareness Training course explains how to recognize them, details which actions are appropriate when dealing with an insider threat, and tests learner understanding using real-world scenarios.

The goal is to create informed employees who make better business decisions, thus lowering the risk of loss of proprietary information or consumer confidence. This training uses an interactive approach designed to engage the learner and ensure retention of the learning content.

Insider Threat Training Topics

  • Overview of the dangers of insider threats
  • What insider threat warning signs look like
  • Knowing the difference between malicious and accidental threats
  • Identification of what actions could make your employees unwitting accomplices
  • What steps to take to protect against insider threats

Insider Threat Training Course Features

  • Highly engaging content with interactive elements
  • Real-life examples and applications
  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration
  • Easily tailored or customized
  • Award-winning design


Available in the Following TrainingPacks:

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MediaPRO TrainingPack courses are interactive and engaging, with the right mix of humor and professionalism. You can use courses as-is, easily modify them, or quickly build your own from pre-built topics.

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