Empower Your Executives with Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Awareness

Company executives are increasingly in the crosshairs of cybercriminals looking to gain access to sensitive customer data and corporate secrets. This focus, combined with the near endless demand on their time and resources, makes executives especially vulnerable to cyberthreats of all kinds.

MediaPRO’s award-winning Executive Training puts the most pertinent cybersecurity and data privacy threats in the context of avoiding business risk. After all, one click on a suspicious link or slip-up while working remotely can have disastrous financial and reputational consequences. Like all of MediaPRO’s e-Learning content, our Executive Training can be customized for your organization. Individual training topics can be removed or augmented to fit your executives’ exact needs.


Training Designed for the C-Suite

Our Executive Training speaks to your C-suite in the context of their role as leaders who are responsible for setting an example for sound cybersecurity and data privacy practices companywide. The training is packaged in a clean, modern framework that is mobile-friendly for busy executives on-the-go. We cover eight of the most topical threats applicable to executives today:

Recognizing the risks associated with remote and mobile computing

An executive’s responsibilities will likely require him or her to work remotely, where the risk of being the victim of cybercrime rises.

Identifying the potential pitfalls of using mobile devices to conduct business

An executive’s personal device, if used inappropriately, can act like a skeleton key into an organization’s network.

Knowing the attributes of a secure password

A strong password remains the first line of defense in protecting an executive’s, and the company’s, critical information and accounts.

Understanding that executives are the “prize catch” of spear phishing and recognizing the tactics phishers use

Falling for a phishing attack could be the most expensive mistake of an executive’s career. Cybercriminals will try to hook members of your C-suite using personalized references to your business processes or by impersonating vendors or employees within your organization.

Recognizing the implications of using social media

The most popular social media platforms are treasure troves for cybercriminals, containing bits and pieces of personal information they can use to craft convincing social engineering attacks or alert them of your executives’ whereabouts.

Identifying global privacy obligations that may affect your organization

Understanding the data privacy requirements for regions from which your organization handles data is key for your executives and should be made a core value of your organization.

Understanding the types of personal information that need to be secured

An executive’s ability to identify secure information not only helps protect the variety of personal data your organization may handle, but also informs employees at all levels of your company that your organization cares about safeguarding sensitive information.

Knowing an executive’s crucial role in reporting security incidents

Reporting a potential security incident is never trivial. An executive’s knowledge of your organization’s incident reporting practices demonstrates a commitment to the company and its well-being.

Executive Training Course Features

  • Highly engaging and interactive training content
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Full of real-life examples and applications
  • Fully customizable
  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration

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