Change the game with privacy awareness training to match the high standards of GDPR​

GDPR readiness doesn’t have to be hard if you have a well-trained workforce​​

Make the move beyond GDPR compliance​​

The goal of the EU’s sweeping General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to give EU citizens greater control of their own personal data.​

Help your employees raise their data protection game to match the high standards of the GDPR with an awareness program that exceeds the requirements and ensures that all employees are on board.​

With a GDPR privacy awareness program, you’ll ensure your employees are aligned with GDPR requirements for the collection, processing, and transfer of information. With possible fines in the tens of millions of dollars for non-compliance, no organization subject to the GDPR can afford not to keep their employees informed of its requirements.​

Expert Insights on Vendor Selection & GDPR Compliance

Empower GDPR compliance in your organization. Learn about what key questions to ask potential vendors, what vendor relationships look like under the GDPR, when to outsource, and more.

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Deliver the GDPR training your employees need when, where, and how they need it​

All course content uses interactivity and real-life examples to add relevance for your learners and ensure they stay interested and engaged. We deliver content that builds awareness of data privacy best practices, procedures, and behaviors by using a stimulating and creative learning approach to content delivery.

For the Essentials and Advanced offerings, choose between the full-length or microlearning courseware options.

Topics Include

  • Understanding security threats
  • Social engineering threats
  • Identifying and detecting malware
  • Best-practice password guidelines
  • Phishing detection and awareness
  • Data classification
  • Identifying personal information
  • Privacy by design
  • Reporting an incident
  • Mobile device protection and smartphone security

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