GDPR-Aligned Privacy Awareness Courseware

MediaPRO offers GDPR-aligned privacy awareness training content packages designed to meet any organization’s industry sector, budget, maturity level, and needs. Learn more about our offerings below.

For the Essentials and Advanced options, choose between the full-length or microlearning courseware options.

Our Phishing Simulator is Included in Every Package

Simulated Phishing
Pre-Built Phishing Campaigns
Phishing Training Modules
Awareness Program Planning
Awareness Plan
Risk Intelligence Survey
Planning Tool
Courseware: Choose between...
GDPR Fundamentals Course
Role-Based GDPR
Protecting and Handling Data
Protecting Intellectual Property
Unlimited Adaptive Library Courses
Build Your Own Courses
GDPR Principles Microlearning Module
What is the GDPR? Microlearning Module
Data Handling Microlearning Module
Global Privacy Microlearning Module
The GDPR in 15 Minutes Microlearning Module
Privacy by Design Microlearning Module
Unlimited Microlearning Courses
GDPR is Not a Four-Letter Word Video
Global Privacy Video
Privacy by Design Video
Privacy and Security Video
Cloud Computing Video
Data Minimization Video
Privacy Responsibilities Video
Incident Reporting Video
Protecting and Handling Data Video
Privacy Rights and Principles Video
The Truth About Trust Video
Social Engineering Video
Unlimited Reinforcement Content
Brand-Your-Own Reinforcement


A grab-and-go solution for GDPR-aligned privacy awareness education for organizations on a budget.



Designed for organizations of all sizes that want to level up their GDPR-focused privacy awareness initiative.



Unlimited access to all the training, reinforcement, and phishing content in our Adaptive Privacy Library.

Unlimited Phishing Campaigns
Multiple Pre-Built Program Templates
Adaptive Planning Tool
Every Package Includes:
Company branding, unlimited phishing, user management, reporting, email support, and planning tool. Adaptive packages include access to a la carte content, localization, and content customization.
Topic-Specific Offerings
We've built eight packages designed to fit a variety of organizational needs. Find out more about each package:

Security Awareness

Our Security Awareness package prepares you to change your employee behavior on the most pressing cybersecurity risks. Learn More >

Retail Security Awareness

Arm your employees with the knowledge they need to keep your customers’ data secure with comprehensive PCI training and cybersecurity best practices. Learn More >

Security & Privacy Awareness

This combined package covers the most pressing privacy and security risks, with a range of content on malware, phishing, secure data-handling procedures, and more. Learn More >

Finance Security Awareness

Empower employees with the knowledge they need to prevent cyberattacks with expertly-produced content based on proven adult learning principles. Learn More >

Privacy Awareness

This Privacy Awareness package enables your employees to protect personal information at a price suitable to a variety of organizational needs. Learn More >

HIPAA & Healthcare

This package teaches the importance of HIPAA protections and cybersecurity principles within the healthcare industry, including the dangers of ransomware and phishing attempts. Learn More >

GDPR Privacy Awareness

Our GDPR-aligned privacy awareness package ensures your employees meet the GDPR requirements for the collection, processing, and transfer of EU resident data. Learn More >

Education Security Awareness

Using our education-focused awareness package, equip your faculty and staff with the vital know-how to abide by regulations and prevent cybercriminal exploits and protect student data. Learn More >

Explore Our Award Winning Content

From award-winning, interactive courseware to videos, posters, and articles, MediaPRO offers hundreds of individual educational pieces of content to help clients of all sizes and needs to tailor their awareness programs. Check out our content catalog for more information.

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