Make security awareness fun and meaningful for employees

High performing organizations know that to minimize risk, employees must be knowledgeable and able to take action.​

Protect your business and make employees part of your active defense from cyberthreats​

Cybercriminals increasingly rely on uninformed employees to grant them access to sensitive data and systems. The less aware your employees are of common cybercrime tactics, the more at risk your data is.

Equip your employees with the knowledge they need to keep cybercriminals at bay with robust, detailed training content based on established adult learning principles. Our General Security Awareness packages deliver the information your employees need for a price that will fit your budget.

Roadmap for Planning Your Security Awareness Program

Beginning without a clear direction can be an inconvience at best, and a recipe for disaster at worst. Learn the four issues you need to tackle for awareness program development and improvement.

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Deliver the security awareness training your employees need when they need it most​

Our programs include online training and a variety of media used to reinforce key behaviors. All content is aligned to key risks, and uses interactivity and real-life examples to ensure user engagement.​

For the Essentials and Advanced offerings, choose between the full-length or microlearning courseware options.

Topics Include

  • Understanding security threats
  • Social engineering threats
  • Identifying and detecting malware
  • Best-practice password guidelines
  • Phishing detection and awareness
  • Data classification
  • Data storage and retention guidelines
  • Cloud computing and storage
  • Physical security
  • Mobile device protection and smartphone security
  • Social media threats

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From award-winning, interactive courseware to videos, posters, and articles, MediaPRO offers hundreds of individual educational pieces of content to help clients of all sizes and needs to tailor their awareness programs. Check out our content catalog for more information.

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