Role-Based Privacy Awareness

A single, broad Privacy Awareness training course may not be enough to address the unique privacy training requirements facing different business units. To address this fact, MediaPRO has created an array of role-based content that you can deploy alongside our award-winning core privacy content to create privacy training that addresses the unique roles within your organization.

The overall goal of these courses is to create informed employees that can identify PII, understand how to handle it, and make better privacy decisions that ultimately reduce risk to your organization. Good data protection practices will strengthen trust in your organization and foster customer loyalty, which are essential to maintaining profitable lifetime customers.

The role-based offerings are available in our LearningLAB Advanced privacy awareness package or through our LearningLAB Adaptive platform, which allows you to assemble just the content you need to deliver the right training, to the right people, at the right time to keep your organization smart, safe, and secure. A broad-based single course on privacy basics is available through our LearningLAB Essentials platform.

Create informed employees that can identify PII, understand how to handle it, and reduce organizational risk with privacy awareness from MediaPRO.Role-Specific Privacy Training – All for One Price

Our award-winning role-based privacy training offers different tailored training for those who want to target particular roles with specific content. Using our adaptive courseware architecture, you can dynamically filter content, by role or other demographic criteria, to deliver the exact content you need as part of your awareness training. You can, and should, change your privacy training content as your needs change, roles evolve, and to generally keep the awareness training content fresh and relevant.  Make sure your employees are properly trained on how to safeguard and protect sensitive data.

Based on Proven Adult Learning Principles

The role-based privacy content is designed according to state-of-the-art adult learning principles for online learning. Employees need to understand your privacy policies and procedures to be able to identify and react properly to data protection threats. The courses use a stimulating instructional approach that engages the learner and increases retention. Context-relevant examples not only ensure satisfying learning experiences, they help drive real, measurable, and sustainable behavioral change.

Role-based privacy content is available for:

Human Resources (HR)

This role-based privacy awareness course addresses the privacy needs of Human Resources professionals. Human resources professionals, who work closely with employee data, must understand and correctly follow your privacy policies in order to foster strong working relationships with prospective, current, and past employees.



This role-based privacy awareness course addresses the privacy needs of those in leadership. Managers may have access to employee data and PII, customer PII, and sensitive internal information. They must understand and follow your privacy policies, and intellectual property guidelines, in order to establish a good working relationship with their direct reports, other employees, customers, and vendors.


Information Technology (IT)

This role-based privacy awareness training course is designed for Information Technology professionals who touch employee and customer PII, other sensitive data, and manage access to private data from internal and external requests. Protecting personal information is critical to an organization’s long-term success. Information Technology professionals are in constant contact with PII and other sensitive data and play a major role in protecting data and maintaining privacy.


Sales and Marketing

This course is designed for Sales and Marketing professionals and emphasizes their role in managing the collection, usage, and security of customer data. Sales and Marketing professionals may be in constant contact with personal information and play a major role in protecting data and maintaining data privacy and security. Additionally, this group is a major user of prospect and customer data and must respect their preferences on how the data is used and retained.


Call Centers

This role-based privacy awareness course for call center workers provides prescriptive best practices for respecting and protecting personal information (PII) through an understanding of security and privacy principles and their application to call center operations and data. For many companies, call centers are the heart of the business.
Keeping data safe and secure is crucial as the reputational cost of information theft and misuse is immense.



This course is designed for legal professionals and develops knowledge and behaviors that help them identify PII and understand how such data can, and cannot, be used. The goal of this role-based course is to create informed legal employees who make better decisions, identify and report potential issues, and become accountable for safeguarding customer data in the legal review process.

Role-Based Privacy Course Features:

  • Just the content you need for each role
  • Content updates are available from our adaptive libraries
  • Highly engaging and interactive content
  • Real-life examples and applications
  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration
  • Easily tailored or customized
  • Localization available
  • Award-winning design

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