Forge a Company Culture of Safety and Empathy with Modern Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Few things should be taken as seriously in a workplace environment as sexual harassment.

As if the personal and human costs of sexual harassment were not enough, harassment claims can have lasting monetary and cultural impacts against organizations of all sizes. The U.S. Supreme Court has all but required sexual harassment prevention training through decisions decreeing that a documented training effort reduces an organization’s liability in harassment lawsuits.

Talking about sexual harassment is vital, as displayed In this screenshot of MediaPRO's sexual harassment prevention training. Understanding what sexual harassment is and how to address and prevent it as a manager, subordinate, or simply a coworker is more critical now than perhaps it has ever been. But just as the focus on sexual harassment is shifting toward greater sensitivity and understanding, the methods of training to prevent sexual harassment needs to change, too.

Next Generation Sexual Harassment Training

Conventional sexual harassment prevention training usually covers three things: the law, what actions to avoid, and how to report issues. Progressive training goes beyond the basics and seeks to build empathy or change the perceptions of the learner.

Anyone can be a target of sexual harassment, as displayed in this screenshot of MediaPRO's sexual harassment prevention training.By synthesizing the research on training efficacy, the revised recommendations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, social science findings, and adult learning principles, MediaPRO’s Sexual Harassment online training addresses the shortcomings of traditional sexual harassment training through 10 key principles:

  • Acknowledging the reality of harassment and the emotions involved
  • Discussing power dynamics and culture
  • Identifying the financial, professional, and emotional toll of harassment
  • Defining actions that qualify as harassment
  • Focusing on professional behaviors for a civil work environment
  • Informing bystanders of the signs of observed harassment
  • Reinforcing standards for reporting incidents
  • Keeping managers informed and aware of the role they play in addressing harassment
  • Providing realistic and contextual examples

Sexual Harassment Training Features

  • Meets Equal Employment Opportunity Commission training requirements
  • Highly engaging and interactive training content
  • Tablet-friendly
  • Blends fact-based assessment with scenario-driven experiences
  • Fully customizable
  • Part of our Adaptive Compliance Library.
  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration

Preview Our Training

Get a sampling of how our awareness program presents the dangers of sexual harassment and the importance of being aware of it by watching the video below. This video is an example of how we reinforce concepts, post training class, to increase retention and subject matter expertise.


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