Learning Is a Process, Not an Event

Awareness training reinforcement is the key to sustained behavior change and building a risk-aware culture. Awareness training reinforcement is a key part of any employee awareness initiative. At MediaPro, we use a simple mantra to keep us and our clients focused:
Training + Reinforcement = Behavior Change.

When reinforced, training, with even the simplest flow of supporting communications around the key messages, changes behavior. Training reinforcement can remind, refresh, encourage, and even entertain. And when you deploy a focused and ongoing series of communications around key risks, you take an intentional step toward building a risk-aware culture.

Your training can be executed perfectly, with a 100% completion rate, but what will you do to ensure that the knowledge gained will be applied throughout the year?  Even the best training experience will be forgotten over time if there are no reinforced activities. It’s just human nature and this fact applies to your security awareness, privacy awareness, and compliance training efforts. You must do something to keep the message alive. The answer is reinforcement.

Part of the Adaptive Awareness Framework™

MediaPro’s awareness training reinforcement materials are capable of operating as a stand-alone component of any awareness and training program. But this reinforcement content shows its true power when positioned and used as a fundamental component of the Adaptive Awareness Framework.

The Adaptive Awareness Framework brings together planning, training, reinforcement, and analysis into a proven structure that is designed to build a risk-aware culture within your organization. The framework, and its supporting components, provides a structure that empowers you to deliver a comprehensive training and reinforcement program that can address all of your critical data protection and compliance needs.

A Library of Awareness Training Reinforcement Materials

MediaPro has built a library of reinforcement materials—games, animations, posters, and newsletter articles—that are aligned with the key security, privacy, and compliance risks faced by organizations today. Our reinforcement materials use a variety of communication methods—from humorous to deadly serious—to catch people’s attention and focus on one issue at a time.

Because you can choose from our library, you can adapt your reinforcement program to your unique risk profile and to the changing threat landscape. Don’t let your investment in awareness training fade away—keep it alive with a vibrant reinforcement campaign.

Reinforcement Games
Games are an entertaining way to reinforce key messages in a non-threatening manner. With our learning games, people get to test their knowledge in a fun, animated environment that just happens to reinforce key lessons about how to protect your organization from risk. Our games provide interactive, entertaining, and fun ways to keep security, privacy, and compliance top-of-mind. And they’re very easy to customize with content that is focused on your unique needs.
Animated Videos
Our animated videos are designed to deliver a powerful punch to the riskiest behaviors of your employees. They’re short, they’re sassy, and they focus right in on the important risky behaviors you want employees to remember most. As with all MediaPro content, the videos are easy for you to brand and customize, and they’re a great way to push content out to mobile devices. Of course, they’re easy to customize with content that is focused on your unique needs.
Reinforcement Posters
With their high-impact visuals and punchy taglines, posters provide a perfect opportunity to reinforce key messages related to your awareness or compliance program. Think of them as billboards that your employees see every time they stop by the break room or walk down the hall. We’ve got a deep library of pre-built posters, but they’re also easy to create just for your program. Ask us how.
Newsletter Articles
One of the most cost-effective ways to keep your awareness message fresh and in front of your employees is to provide relevant content that is both interesting and personal. Our newsletter content is aligned with major risks and ready for you deploy as short sidebars or full articles within your security or privacy-focused internal website, company newsletter, email communication, or other form of written content delivery. For employees who don’t go for games and videos, newsletter content can be a great way to connect.