Report: Security Awareness Training As A Key Element in Changing the Security Culture

Explore the state of corporate cybersecurity culture from the perspective of both IT managers and decision makers and the everyday employee in this piece of original research from Osterman Research, co-sponsored by MediaPRO.

Download Security Awareness Training as A Key Element in Changing the Security Culture for insights into:

  • The importance of security training and awareness in forging a security culture
  • What makes security training interesting and engaging, straight from the minds of the employees who interact with it
  • The relationship between employee enjoyment of training and how much a part of the larger corporate security landscape they feel

Key Findings Include

If security awareness training is interesting or engaging, employees will be motivated to spend more time involved in it.

Whereas only 26 percent of employees spend more than 15 minutes per month in any type of security awareness training as of mid-2020, that figure is expected to jump to 45 percent by mid-2021

The more interesting security awareness training is perceived to be, the more likely that employees will change their behavior related to a variety of security risks.


In Partnership with Osterman Research

This report was produced via a partnership between Osterman Research and MediaPRO. MediaPRO co-sponsored the report with Osterman Research completing all survey development, survey deployment, analysis, and report production.