Infographic: 2016 State of Privacy and Security Awareness

What’s your privacy and cybersecurity IQ? We surveyed more than 1,000 employees and members of the general public over a one-month period to gather a baseline of security and privacy awareness across a slice of the general population. We tested survey-takers’ knowledge across eight different security and privacy risk areas, including identifying phishing attempts, safe… Read more »

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Infographic: The Human Threat by the Numbers

The human threat posed to cybersecurity and data privacy shows no signs of ebbing. The InfoSec news cycle is filled with stories on a weekly basis describing the latest breach or cyberattack. And more often than not, humans are to blame. Whether malicious or on accident, people consistently account for a significant portion of cyber incidents. We’ve built the infographic… Read more »

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Infographic: What is the Adaptive Awareness Framework?

MediaPro has a clear vision and structure to offer organizations seeking to create employee awareness programs. We call that vision the Adaptive Awareness Framework. MediaPro works with organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Despite their differences, they all share one attribute: they all face risks associated with cyberattacks, data breaches, and hacking. Additionally, most… Read more »

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