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Video: Stay Safe from Spear Phishing

Have you ever received an email with legitimate and specific personal or company information, but it just felt out of place? If you have, this means you and other employees at your organization have likely experienced a spear phishing attack. Are you confident your employees know what to do next? With spear phishing attacks increasing … Continued

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How to Get the Most Out of Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Someday, maybe on a day just like today, your employees will get a phishing email. The sheer number of such emails zipping around cyberspace guarantees this. Analysts from the Anti-Phishing Working Group recorded more than 1.2 million phishing attacks in all of 2016. That’s an increase of 56% from the year before, and the most … Continued

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On-Demand Webinar: Phishing Simulation Best Practices

Too often simulated phishing campaigns are rooted in a “gotcha!” attitude. Phishing is a great way to test your employees’ knowledge – but it must be part of a holistic awareness program in order for them to learn from it. Otherwise, your “teachable moment” goes to waste! Learn how to turn your simulated phishing campaign … Continued

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Video: Tis the Season…For Phishing!

Phishing attempts increase during the holiday season when some of us – cough, cough – are a little too “trigger happy” when clicking on e-deal or tracking our shipped packages. Hackers use seasonal gimmicks like fake package tracking URLs and fake order confirmation emails to catch targets unaware during the holidays (including on Black Friday and … Continued

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White Paper: Drowning in Phishing

It’s easier to drown in phishing simulation data than to profit from it. Phishing emails are a fact of life in today’s corporate world. The problem isn’t if phishing is happening, or when – it’s that employees are still falling for the same old phishing tricks. But what more can we do? Phishing simulation solutions saturate the market, but  they … Continued

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Video: Phishing: What Would You Do?

Your employees know better than to share sensitive information out in the real world, but street smarts can only get you so far in the age of the internet. Identifying phishing attempts isn’t always as easy as walking away from a scammer on the street. Remind employees to stay alert when it comes to identifying suspicious … Continued

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Video: Another Phishy Email

Our most popular video!  We’ve all received them in our inbox: those phishy e-mails that are almost credible enough to get you to click the link. Most are benign, but others are not so innocent. These phishing scams can download malware that tricks people into giving away sensitive company information … and can lead to … Continued

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